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  • EN ISO 9001:2015
  • GMP+ B4 Transport
  • ERI
  • GRS single safety certificate
  • VPI European Rail Service (VERS)

Our vision is that of a company in which our specialists work closely with our clients to better understand their real problems, to provide better services and to be considered a reliable partner in the field With a unique ability to combine experience vast professional, a quality management and a special reputation of the high level of customer satisfaction, SC GLOBAL RAIL SOLUTIONS is the ideal partner for managing the transport and logistics requirements.

Romeo-George Dragoi


Our values


All companies promise quality services, but few manage to deliver them. The GLOBAL RAIL SOLUTIONS team is ready for quality. We have no shareholders to thank, only customers we can lose.


We only provide services that matter. We think of valuable solutions, durable over time. We are innovative, but we understand just as well the pragmatism of every business.


We do everything we need to ensure that the solutions and services offered meet the requirements of our customers as clearly as possible. We focus on the real value of the services offered and not on the transport and logistics business.


Every request is different. Consequently, we adapt our services to the needs of our partners. The ability to adapt makes us have a competitive and pragmatic approach in everything we do. Our services are tailored to the requirements of our customers.


We like to grow as people and as an organization. Knowledge is what makes us valuable. We constantly encourage people's development, through professional training and participation in trade fairs and conferences.


We understand that it is a very fragile attribute and can only be acquired by confirming the established expectations, every time. Gaining trust is just one step. We have a constant concern to discover new solutions that help our partners to do more, to be more competitive, and us, more valuable.


Our mission is to become a leader in grain logistics through the proactivity with which we anticipate and address customer needs, through transparency to customers and the trust they have in us, with a special sense of responsibility and a competitive business model.

Valentin Grosu


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